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A highly recommended reading list – The Documents released to date by the Post Carbon Institute:

The False Promise of Clean Coal — Jeff Goodell

What We’re For — Post Carbon Institute

River Killers — Juan Pablo Orrego

Drill Baby Drill — David Hughes

Coal – The Greatest Threat to Civilization — James Hansen

Our Global Ponzi Economy — Lester Brown

Life Affirming Beauty — Sandra Lubarsky

Malevolent and Malignant Threats — R. James Woolsey

Progress vs. Apocalypse — John Michael Greer

The View from Oil’s Peak — Richard Heinberg

When Risk Assessment is Risky — David Ehrenfeld

Nuclear Power and the Earth – Richard Bell

Faustian Economics – Wendell Berry

The Shale Revolution in the US: Myths & Realities

Distributed Renewable Generation – Sheila Bowers and Bill Powers

Energy Return on Investment – Charles A. S. Hall

Threat to First Nations – Winona LaDuke

Five Carbon Pools – Wes Jackson

Alternative Energy Challenges – David Fridley

Introduction: Rebuilding the Foodshed by Philip Ackerman-Leist

The Whole Fracking Enchilada – Sandra Steingraber

Drill, Baby, Drill: Can Unconventional Fuels Usher in a New Era of Energy Abundance?

Executive Summary: “Drill, Baby, Drill”

Foreword > Rebuilding the Foodshed

Shale Gas & Oil Production Figures (Drill, Baby, Drill)

The Landscape of Energy

A Deeper Look at the Energy Picture


Introduction to ENERGY: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth

Slides – David Hughes Debate Vs Terry Engelder

FOUNDATION CONCEPTS: What Is Sustainability

Searching for a Miracle

ECONOMY: Money and Energy

CULTURE AND BEHAVIOR: Dangerously Addictive: Why We Are Biologically Ill-Suited to the Riches of Modern America

CULTURE AND BEHAVIOR: The Human Nature of Unsustainability by William Rees

ENERGY: Making Sense of Peak Oil and Energy Uncertainty by Daniel Lerch

WATER: Adapting to a New Normal by Sandra Postel

CITIES: The Death of Sprawl by Warren Karlenzig

RESILIENCE: Personal Preparation by Chris Martenson

CITIES: Smart Decline by Deborah Popper and Frank Popper

FOUNDATION CONCEPTS: Beyond the Limits to Growth by Richard Heinberg

ENERGY: Nine Challenges of Alternative Energy by David Fridley

POPULATION: The Multiplier of Everything Else by William Ryerson

FOOD: Growing Community Food Systems by Erika Allen

BUILDING RESILIENCE: What Can Communities Do? by Rob Hopkins

WASTE: Climate Change, Peak Oil, and the End of Waste

HEALTH: Human Health and Well-Being in an Era of Energy Scarcity and Climate Change by Brian Schwartz and Cindy Parker

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation in the Post-Carbon World by Richard Gilbert and Anthony Perl

ECONOMY: The Competitiveness of Local Living Economies by Michael Shuman

CITIES, TOWNS, AND SUBURBS: Toward Zero-Carbon Buildings by Hillary Brown

FOOD: Tackling the Oldest Environmental Problem: Agriculture and Its Impact on Soil by Wes Jackson

BIODIVERSITY: Peak Nature? by Stephanie Mills

ENERGY: Hydrocarbons in North America by J. David Hughes

CULTURE AND BEHAVIOR: Remapping Relationships: Humans in Nature by Gloria Flora

FOOD: Getting Fossil Fuels Off the Plate by Michael Bomford

FOUNDATION CONCEPTS: Thinking “Resilience” by William E. Rees, FRSC

CITIES, TOWNS, AND SUBURBS: Local Goverment in a Time of Peak Oil and Climate Change by John Kaufmann

CLIMATE: The International Response to Climate Change by Richard Douthwaite

EDUCATION: Community Colleges: A Vital Resource for Education in the Post-Carbon Era by Nancy Lee Wood

ENERGY: Peak Oil and the Great Recession by Tom Whipple

PCI Hughes NETL Cornell Comparison

Natural Gas Report Supplements: Public Health Agriculture & Transportation

PCI Report Nat Gas Future



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