Protecting a drowning man from sunburn

Aside from the fantastic picture in the words of the title of this article, I think this chart illustrates, in a very simple fashion, why Coal should be top of our hit list in potential future carbon emissions, and why the efforts of CANA are therefore important.


Placing this in the context of the 3E’s of economics, energy and the environment, does this mean that I accept that action on coal is the most immediate and important threat to us? No. I still think that award goes to the economic system that demands coal’s extraction to fuel growth. This system is likely going to reduce our western high-tech society to a pile of smoking rubble through the weapons of mass destruction that are fractional reserve banking, which is privatisation of the creation of money and transfer of private liability incurred by banks through immoral risk taking in the derivatives market to the general public through Quantative Easing that has been undertaken in many countries in recent years (a much more complete but very readable indictment of the economic system can be found here). As nothing has been done structurally to make things better, and central banks have chosen to just ‘kick the can down the road’, things look like they’ll get very bad at some point fairly soon, as QE proves unsustainable and trust horizons shrink.

However, it did increase its relative importance in my priorities. And I thought I’d share that with you all..

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