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Derivatives, Bonds, John Key and how big the Derivatives bubble really is

Derivatives have been described as ‘financial weapons of mass destruction’ ( by Warren Buffet.
Here’s a great look at the context for this suicidal gambling addiction that has affected so many of the world’s banks…
In another article, the problem can be clearly seen – Global GDP approx $63 Trillion (USD) and Global Derivatives Market approx $639 Trillion (USD, as total outstanding notional of all derivatives, Q2, 2012 source: – i.e. for every dollar of gross domestic product globally, there exists 10x that in leverage in the form of these derivatives.
As mentioned in the article, there’s 3x the global economy in the 9 largest banks…

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

It’s a good thing most bankers including John Key are psychopaths. Psychopaths don’t feel anxiety like you and I do which mean they can still sleep soundly in the face of what is coming at us and is created by them.

In fact John Key advising himself in what is arguably to most stunning example of Psychopathic behaviour of a New Zealand Prime Minister is your typical number two of the Hare check-list of Psychopathy: A grandiose sense of self worth.

The fact that he denied being involved at first leading to a tacit admission of  involvement until he declared himself to be the originator of the negotiations about Sky city, changing the law and allowing the gambling giant to expand with 500 one armed bandits in exchange for a convention hall are consecutively 3 Pathological lying 4 Cunning/manipulative and 5 Lack of remorse or guilt of the checklist.

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‘Positive Money UK’ on fixing our monetary system

“There are very real challenges facing the world over the next few decades, including likely crises in food production, climate, energy, and natural resources (including water). To focus on dealing with these extreme challenges, it is essential that we have a stable money system and are not distracted by financial crises that are caused by the design of the current system. The monetary system, being man-made and little more than a collection of rules and computer systems, is easy to fix, once the political will is there and opposition from vested interests is overcome. The real challenges of how to provide for a growing global population, a changing climate, and increasingly scarce natural resources, require a monetary system that works for society and the economy as a whole. For that reason, our current monetary system is no longer fit for purpose and must be reformed… “

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Dave Cull – Dunedin City Councillor’s speech to Otago graduands — Greater Dunedin

That’s at least 2 Dunedin City Councillor’s who get the situation we’re in… Encouraging!

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