Beyond the Headlines: Privacy, Power and The Moment of Truth

“Donna Meadows, of Limits to Growth fame, writes: “What is the point of the game? To grow, to increase market share, to bring the world (customers, suppliers, regulators) more and more under the control of the corporation, so that its operations becomes ever more shielded from uncertainty. John Kenneth Galbraith recognized that corporate goal—to engulf everything—long ago. It’s the goal of a cancer too.””

A very worthwhile read from Dan Kelly:

el Hombre del Sur

It is a rare thing, to be prescient of history as it happens. Surreal, confronting even. Frightening in its significance. That dull glimmer: a recognition of our connection to the very real decisions that shape our reality – and their tangible changeability. No longer distinct from time, we are forced to concede our agency. History, like all other culture, is a product of us. It doesn’t happen to people; it is something people make happen – and in this is incredible power.

Our power.

The worm is turning. The revelations over the last few days feel like a crescendo, the crystallisation of what many of us have felt, but been unable to articulate. The centre cannot hold. We have grown too removed, our existence too precarious for the house of cards to maintain its shape. There is disturbance; collapse beckons. Not a Hollywood implosion, but a slower, more insidious decay……

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