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Money and Society – a SHORT course.

Money is fundamental to all of our lives, as a means of exchange, a store of value, etc. But do you understand it?

john key - growth is weaker because people are saving

Prime Minister John Key stated in 2010: “Growth is weaker, because people are saving” (http://bit.ly/1GyzIfd).

But surely savings are good for banks, and give people confidence to spend…? Learn about money creation in the modern economy and the issues we face on the road from 2008’s GFC to our current ‘recovery’ and beyond, by journeying with us through the lessons below.

The content is based on the “Money and Society” Massively Open Online Course (‘MOOC’) run by the University of Cumbria’s ‘Institute for Leadership and Sustainability’ IFLAS. Our consultant Nathan Surendran participated in the inaugural run of this course recently, and another course is scheduled for August. We have gained permission from Professor Jem Bendell and Matt Slater to use this content this week, which they have placed in the public domain. If you’re inspired to have a go at the full MOOC, and have the benefit of the longer 4 week timescale, which gives you time to properly consider the presentation materials and develop your own thoughts, you can register your interest by email to matslats@gmail.com.

I’ve produced 4 lessons leveraging the content compiled in the MOOC. I put this content on a Facebook group recently and I’m putting it all in one place here so it’s easy to print out and review offline:

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